If digital and communications service providers are stuck in a rut as they map out their future technology, sales and marketing, and product and service playbooks, then they are probably still treating their customers like the pre-cloud generation. This is not a viable approach to business!

And this doesn’t just apply in terms of a B2C audience. At least 65 percent of enterprise customers are using cloud-based infrastructures and services, and this figure is about to rise to more than 70 percent in a few years’ time, according to 451 Research and Verizon.3

So, digital and communications service providers might as well face it: Generation Cloud is here, and they are not just unique because of the technologies they use – they also have different tastes, preferences, buying and consumption habits, and brand and service expectations.

Customers today have a hunger for more options. They want everything on their own terms – and they have even less toler- ance for those that don’t conform to their preferences. There’sno doubt about it: if digital and communications service providers give customers options, they will win. Those who cannot keep pace with Generation Cloud, on the other hand, will lose.

The unique value many operators carried in the past is melting down. Fear and confusion are not the right responses to this disruption. Instead, digital and communications services providers must transform to become more flexible, innovative and customer-first.

This requirement is only growing stronger as the IoT expands to include countless connected devices ranging from smart utility meters to intelligent automobiles. Every unique device powered by Machine to Machine (M2M) technology will result in its own unique service delivery experience, so operators have to re-learn how to be multi-faceted. This should shine through in every aspect of their sales and marketing, from the choices they give to customers to the various channels in which they engage them. If digital and communications service providers can achieve that, they will have a bright future in Nexterday.

Ari Vänttinen, Comptel
Moving Telco companies in Europe and Asia from ground to cloud. Born 1969, M.Sc. (Economics). Joined Comptel in 2014, member of Executive Board since 2014. Has previously held various marketing executive and management roles at McAFee and Stonesoft Plc since 2010. Before that management consultant at Talent Partners 2007 – 2010 and marketing management and business development roles at Nokia Networks 2004 - 2007.
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