Today was an exciting Day 1 of Nexterday North 2017 that challenged operators to “Dare More” and “Be More.” Now in its third year, Nexterday North has once again gathered a diverse array of thought leaders from across the digital and communications industry, with the intention this year to outline a plan for re-invention and determine how to execute it.

The agenda today was filled with engaging presentations that explored the evolution of digital transformation across the customer experience and digital operations, providing operator viewpoints and discussions about the latest technological innovations that are enabling new service and revenue possibilities for operators.

Comptel’s Niilo Fredrikson and Antti Koskela kicked off the first session of the day with a discussion about telco industry trends and how operators can move faster technologically to prepare for them. Fredrikson advocated for operators to empower their customers and perform intelligent actions to deliver on the promise of AI. Koskela explored how those trends are impacting digital operations and how OSS will become the operating system of digital telco.

Simon Osbourne continued the theme, explaining how the complexity of services today and the looming rise of SDN/NFV will change fulfillment and lead to choices being made based on demand – even creating new business models, such as network slicing, that will bring personalisation to the network itself. Mikko Jarva later elaborated on how AI-driven insights from all available data points can improve the customer experience, dynamic network optimization, digital service design and lead generation.

The conversation on-stage then shifted to a discussion between Comptel’s Harry Järn and 2degrees Mobile’s Roy Ong that explored how offering time-based data access that takes into account customer needs and context served as a differentiator for the mobile operator. Its decision to create a new app specifically for that purpose rather than bolt it on to an existing app led to an increase in ARPU, no cannibalization of its other services and more frequent customer engagement.

Etisalat’s Elhamy Perihane explained how the operator found value in taking a similar approach with its CliQ solution and “power of you” concept that put the customer in control of their data consumption and helped them to get rid of their “dataphobia.”

tefficient’s Fredrik Jungermann closed off the day’s common session track with an exploration of how bundling unlimited data can lead to higher customer satisfaction, a better perception of network reliability and reduced churn.

Day 2 is packed with exciting keynote speeches from a range of digital leaders and big thinkers, such as Jason Silva, Mark Stevenson, Hilary Mason, Adam Alter and Sarah Harrison, plus executives from Deutsche Telekom, 2degrees Mobile and Saudi Telecom sharing their stories of digital transformation. Stay tuned for more updates!

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