Think Outside the Conference Room

In the telecommunications industry, we’ve developed innovative processes and technologies for connecting nearly anything, managing those assets and creating new products and revenue streams that we couldn’t have imagined a decade ago. Now it’s time to share those innovations with businesses and the rest of the industry. None of the businesses surveyed are digital and communications services providers, yet all want to take advantage of the integrated set of capabilities that digital and communications service providers can and should offer.

Capabilities like real-time analysis of data streams to detect fraud and manage security; alignment of disparate data sources to understand the impact of change on customers; intelligent analysis to predict problems and bottlenecks before they occur; virtualisation of complex functions; usage-based analysis and billing; and component-based platforms bring it all together seamlessly and simply.

Digital and communications service providers can offer services to businesses of all sizes, and help them address operational challenges and create efficiency using connectivity. But offering a data centre and a network connection isn’t enough. Businesses aren’t going to go it alone. They need access to solutions that incorporate technology and process optimisation without development, a steep learning curve or continuous maintenance. Maybe that means a managed service or maybe it means pre-integrated solutions complete with on-board partners that develop apps and APIs – most likely it means an effective combination of the two and a menu of options that deliver real services, not just bandwidth.

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