The key is in how we think — viewing problems as opportunities and approaching them with a fresh pair of eyes. We start by thinking ahead and anticipating trends and developments and what they mean for stakeholders. Then, we think again and challenge the existing paradigm, taking no assumptions for granted in order to push forward before our current solutions no longer get the job done. And finally, we think across, combining ideas and technologies from different sectors to come up with innovative and exciting approaches to tomorrow’s challenges.

On these web pages, you will be presented with real-world examples, research findings and industry analysis, all of which tie into this central theme of strategic innovation as the driving force behind digital and communications service providers’ successful transformation, to survive and thrive today, tomorrow and, most importantly, the day after tomorrow.

When it comes to transformation, the two most common catalysts are leadership and crisis. Transformation borne out of crisis is reactionary. It starts from a negative point and focuses first on preventing the situation from worsening before shifting toward real improvement.

Transformation stemming from exemplary leadership through strategic innovation, however, is all about making things better. It is where we see the greatest forward progress. Transformation in itself is an opportunity for something better.

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