Automation is Essential

In the digital economy, creating and delivering a service to an enterprise or consumer demands customer-facing systems that offer a responsive online experience. This demand necessarily influences BSS / OSS.

Service problems can arise either through unavoidable network issues, during service fulfilment, upgrades and modifications, or through changes to the service environment. It’s of utmost importance that these problems are dealt with quickly, proactively or even better, predictively.

This is why a large majority of IT transformation projects today are based around process simplification and the retirement of legacy and silo-built application stacks. In order to maximise end-to-end process automation, reduce costs and heighten efficiency, it’s essential that the processing and delivery of customer orders involves a seamless flow of automated steps. This will help make even the most complex requirements appear transparent to the business.

For digital and communications service providers in the age of Generation Cloud, automation is essential to delivering Nexterday’s promise to customers.

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Antti Koskela, Comptel
Oversees Service Orchestration business unit. Prior Comptel held several management positions, serving as Head of the Communication & Entertainment Solutions Business Line at Nokia Siemens Networks.
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