Adding to Monetizer’s Value

Complement Monetizer with Data Refinery and Data Fastermind, and combine event processing with automated, in-the-moment action-taking, artificial intelligence and contextual intelligence capabilities. This allows digital and communications service providers to determine and predict the best next customer offer to support the ReConomy. From there, FlowOne takes care of the service orchestration from the ground to the cloud.

Data Fastermind, based on the Comptel Social Links product, is a real-time advanced analytics solution, which includes capabilities such as prediction, pattern recognition, machine learning and anomaly detection, can provide Monetizer with recommendations on the most suitable data bundle for a particular customer. Digital and communications service providers can simulate a customer’s search for his ideal offer using the solution, and use it to guide marketing and selling strategies.


Key Monetisation Takeaways

Customer preferences are rapidly developing in a direction of more flexibility, not less. In the future, offer creation needs to be hyper-fast – digital and communications service providers will have less time to satisfy their customers with new lucrative offers. Generation Cloud values and is more likely to adopt targeted and relevant offers which reach them at the right time and via the right channels.

Data usage monetisation offers a great revenue opportunity, but it requires both speed and flexibility on operators’ part. Partnerships with third-party content providers and OTTs, and integrated policy and charging control, are vital for driving mobile data usage and improving Generation Cloud’s buying and service experience.

Standardising a set of offers (S, M, L, XL) might give shortterm relief for digital and communications service providers, who are trying to cope with legacy BSS / OSS. But, proactively offering customers flexibility to up- and downgrade whenever – and however they want – is really the key to customer retention and acquisition in a contract-free future.

The digital and communications service providers who can combine a modern, blended policy and charging control environment with automated, in-the-moment decision-making and action- taking will satisfy the needs of Generation Cloud. This is the future. This is Nexterday.

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