DNA: An Implementation Case Study

Upon determining the ideal markets in which to test and launch FWD, Comptel and DNA got to work organising the project and settling on integration specifications. After that, the actual integration took only two weeks. In retrospect, it is clear that DNA’s operational capabilities were a major driver of the project’s rapid progress. Each member of the implementation and planning team was empowered to make decisions, was highly skilled within their respective areas of responsibility, and worked great within the team toward reaching targets across organisational or functional boundaries.

The Results So Far

Let’s turn to the really interesting part: what has been the feedback from the market so far?
Before looking into the numbers, we need to keep in mind the service was launched 2 December, 2015. At the time of writing – mid-January 2016 – only one SMS campaign was sent to DNA prepaid customers, in December.
By far the best selling packet has been, surprisingly, the 10-minute packet. Contrary to expectations, customers vastly preferred to buy very short packets. The popularity of shorter length packets has also meant that customers are engaging more often with their operator through the FWD solution: during some weeks, active users purchased, on average, 2.5 packets per day. While top-selling packets are contributing to a higher number of purchases, longer, higher-value packets dominate when it comes to revenue generation. Nevertheless, the contribution of shorter packets to revenue is substantial.

Software Success

Additionally, we were proud to see the level of the solution’s maturity. Since the DNA launch, there have been no software glitches and service availability has been 100 percent. Some user-specific issues have surfaced, as the full variety of devices and circumstances cannot be tested prior to launch. All those minor
issues were addressed and fixed through swift and productive cooperation between the DNA and FWD teams.

A Winning Formula for Team Structure

A key reason for the smooth team cooperation fast time to market has been the fact that both Comptel and DNA operate on a flat organisational structure, with very little or no bureaucracy. Project teams on both sides are empowered to execute, with full visibility of relevant resources throughout the project. The communication transparency has been a major source of speed and created trust across organisations. Moving forward, Comptel’s performance consultancy, Appvisory, will work with DNA and other FWD customers to ensure satisfaction through the analysis of results, and the advisory of campaigns that attract and retain users and optimise app usage. Appvisory will be able to share best practices and lessons learned from prior projects. Combined with local market knowledge on the part of the operator, this cooperation will help operators win over customers purchase by purchase.

The Next Step on the FWD Journey

The successful FWD launch with DNA clearly proved that concept of time-based app purchases works. Customers appreciated the service and the service itself can drive higher data consumption, improved purchasing experiences and stronger operator revenues. FWD also opens the door to new business opportunities that will contribute to the bottom line. Naturally, there is a lot of work left to be done to demonstrate that all of these expected benefits can be achieved in real life. For example, we’ve not yet seen real-life service opportunities that were drivevn by FWD’s dynamic pricing capability. However, we can take solace in the fact that the software itself is robust and of high quality, which provides a great stepping stone for further launches and business results. In essence, the DNA project has proved that the market is ready for this type of product, and that there is demand from consumers. With those facts assured, FWD is now poised to grow and evolve quickly. And our team is ready to fulfil the mission we established at the start: to connect the next two billion consumers to the internet, one small purchase at a time.

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