Data Refinery: Embedded Intelligence

Data Refinery takes the best parts of Comptel EventLink, specifically its massive scalability and ability to integrate, aggregate and correlate virtually any data source, and embeds Data Fastermind, based on Comptel Social Links technology, with automated machine-learning capabilities for in-stream pattern matching, anomaly detection and predictions.


Machine learning is an iterative process, so the more data that is used for learning means that over time, the better the predictions and results become. Real-time decision orchestration then utilises the Data Refinery and Data Fastermind capabilities to build coherent decision-making logic and action automation.

Data Refinery establishes an intelligent data mediation layer that can collect and analyse all, past and fast, unstructured and structured, raw data across all platforms, from mobile devices to networks and connected machines like cars, and delivers insights and actions to the appropriate destinations such as mobile apps, CRM systems, network operations and campaign management systems.

Examples of such insights and actions include:

  • A recommendation for a Netflix-tailored data package sent to a mobile app, when the customer is about to run out of his data quota while watching a movie
  • Upsell campaign triggers sent to a campaign management system based on customer affinity
  • Early warnings on abnormally high cell utilisation levels sent to radio network operations
  • A list of network elements most likely to have issues in the next 24 hours sent to network management systems
  • A notification sent to fleet management systems when a connected car drives to an unexpected area

With such a volume and multitude of potential use cases and system users, it’s very easy for things to get complicated. Fortunately, Data Refinery provides a modern, intuitive and clean user experience, which allows system users to keep it simple, while quickly building easily configurable workflows.

On the back end, Data Refinery provides rich reporting capabilities on the integrated data streams, which helps users evaluate the success of the deployed use cases, as well as delivers insights to guide their new designs.

With so much data coming through every part of the business, it’s critical for digital and communications service providers to have an intelligent fast data layer that can ensure they don’t lose any valuable information and the potential business opportunities that can ensue from that data. An intelligent, automated and real-time Data Refinery, embedded with the predictive and machine-learning capabilities of Data Fastermind, is the logical next step.

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