Aggressive Service Plans Address Customer Pain Points

Those service changes run directly counter to many of the conventions that have long frustrated mobile consumers. The aforementioned elimination of two-year service contracts was only the start.

In July 2013, the company rolled out JUMP!, an upgrade program that allows consumers to switch to a new phone whenever they want. T-Mobile introduced JUMP! in a series of humorous commercials that spoke directly to the pain points of Generation Cloud, depicting a frustrated mobile user who had to continue using his contract phone even though it had been dropped in water, had a cracked screen and often failed to send text messages.

In January 2014, T-Mobile removed a major barrier of entry for consumers switching from other mobile operators. The company offered to pay for any Early Termination Fees charged by another operator, thereby eliminating the considerable financial roadblock that often prevents many consumers from switching in the first place.

Most recently, T-Mobile introduced Data Stash, allowing consumers to roll over unused data from month-to-month for up to a full calendar year. Though the concept is simple, it’s also revolutionary in an industry that is now known for tightly restricting data usage. Data Stash also speaks directly to consumer frustration and offers an ideal plan for today’s mobile-connected, streaming media-obsessed consumer.

The Data Stash program coincides with significant network infrastructure upgrades that allow more T-Mobile customers to receive faster data speeds. Since 2013, T-Mobile has invested in the development of a brand-new 4G LTE network. The company had to start from the ground-up – it offered absolutely no 4G LTE to start – but by the end of 2013, it boasted coverage for more than 200 million consumers across more than 200 U.S. metro areas.

An Un-Carrier for a Modern World of Mobile

T-Mobile’s transformation into the Un-Carrier is certainly a business transformation success story. From the incredible growth of its subscriber base to its ascent up the leader board in the U.S. mobile rankings, T-Mobile has established itself as a disruptor and an innovator in an increasingly competitive and saturated mobile market.

But T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier initiative is also a story of potential, as it describes the amazing opportunity available to digital and communications service providers who let the desires of their consumers lead their decision-making process. By listening and gearing their services toward the needs of Generation Cloud, T-Mobile has shaken up the market, established a new bench- mark for mobile innovation, and set a course for the industry that emphasizes flexibility, choice and consumer empowerment.

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