Make Better In-the-Moment Actions

Analytics can also improve decision-making and action-taking from both an operational and sales and marketing perspective. The buying behaviour of Generation Cloud is different – it is much more dynamic due to fast-changing trends and digital natives’ exposure to an enormous, non-stop information flow. Today’s consumers shop on their own terms on a wider range of devices and make their own purchasing decisions much more quickly. As a result, sales opportunities can be won or lost in a moment’s notice.

Gartner notes how advanced analytics help organisations better leverage these, effectively translating customers’ digital moments into digital and communications service providers’ “business moments.”

“Advanced analytics can bring a real-time, embedded, decision-making capability to traditionally rigid systems,” said the report. “This newfound agility is a key aspect of digital business since these systems can adapt to a changing situation. These sys- tems can sense the opportunity to serve up a business moment and react accordingly.”

Done right, advanced analytics support automated, in-stream contextual intelligence to help digital and communications service providers drive the right actions, at the right time and through the right channels. “Early planning and experimentation are warranted,” said Gartner. Operators should test new digital business models and fine-tune their approach.

As Gartner recommends, “Be smart. Use big data and predic- tive analytics to be able to serve up the right information, product or service, or action at exactly the right time.”

In-stream analytics also provide in-the-moment data that digital and communications service providers can leverage to spot and prevent potential network or service outages, identify opportunities to upgrade infrastructure, proactively main- tain a high quality of service (QoS) for customers, and detect other anomalies to protect their own revenues. This actually applies to any technology-, machine- or process-driven business.


Intelligence Unlocks Transformation

Comptel believes that digital and communications service provid- ers have the greatest opportunity to lead in the emerging Recommendation Economy, or ReConomy. Early adopters of advanced, pervasive and invisible analytics, who can truly act on predictions and recommendations delivered by the technology, will have the best chance to gain valuable market share. Improving operations and the customer experience is on everyone ́s agenda right now, and those who act quickly stand to achieve the most.

While it is very easy to agree with Gartner’s point of view, it remains unclear as to how to embed analytics into every layer. We at Comptel would like to deliver some answers by:

  • Embedding analytics into every solution we innovate, develop and deliver
  • Innovating and offering an easy, economical and exact cloud-based analytics service for the IoT
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