A Faster Rollout with Intelligent Evolution

Most digital and communications service providers follow a typical procedure during infrastructure upgrades. They first assess operations, make operational decisions, determine functional system requirements, and then seek a vendor for help. This process can take a lot of time, in part because it is weighed down by system configuration and customisation prior to implementation, and then potentially time- and money-consuming upgrades during implementation.

Chorus was able to avoid these risks by working with existing vendors, and taking a holistic approach to the creation and orchestration of the UFB services, effectively managing resource inventory and availability, customer service orders and queries, service qualification and feasibility requests, IP address and SLA management – all through a single platform.

With a fully automated stack built on an industry standards- based framework and a catalogue-driven architecture, Chorus was able to achieve a more impactful revolution through a gradual network evolution – rather than undertaking a major overhaul.

Re-programming a network to reduce CAPEX / OPEX while spurring service innovation is a critical strategy for operators who want to monetise new offerings. By embracing this strategy and staying flexible, Chorus positioned itself for a faster, more efficient infrastructure transformation.

Chorus “did not insist on major software changes to fit its preconceived ideas about the ‘right’ way to accomplish the fibre service provisioning,” wrote Analysys Mason. “Therefore, it was able to embark quickly on an ‘intelligent evolution’ of its operations, to include [UFB] services, with high confidence of success – confidence that was borne out by experience.”

The results were significant. Chorus was able to reduce the time required to provision fibre services to customers’ homes by 40 percent. The operator was also able to reduce the time required to train staff on fibre architecture and technology. Most crucially, Chorus was able to complete the fibre fulfilment project in just one year, enabling service delivery on a faster timeline and allowing Chorus customers to enjoy the practical and ROI benefits of fibre service even sooner than expected.

A Blueprint for the Future

Chorus has since received high praise for its innovative evolutionary approach and successful UFB implementation. By embracing an orchestration framework that masters the flows needed to efficiently roll out fibre and that enables service agility and operational flexibility, Chorus New Zealand has positioned itself as a leader in a burgeoning new market. Many other digital and communications service providers worldwide will seek to make similar infrastructure upgrades to capitalise on the demand for fibre services, and as they do, they can look to Chorus as an example for what’s possible.

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