The Fruits of Intelligent Fast Data

A new, intelligent approach is required to make sense of this information tsunami, bridge information silos between back-office systems and glean actionable foresights. The three key elements of this are:

  1.  Efficient and omnipotent data integration and CEP
  2.  Embedded intelligence with predictive analytics and advanced reporting
  3.  Real-time decision orchestration and action automation

A Nexterday mediation platform can support this. With a flexible and agile data processing layer that integrates information from every potential source, it can offer in-stream contextual intelligence to drive the right actions, at the right times and through the right channel or even multiple ones.

Automated machine learning must also be applied if digital and communications service providers are to effectively manage the variety, volume, velocity of data – and pull value out of it. This requires combining unsupervised machine-learning algorithms, which discover hidden structures or patterns in data, with supervised machine-learning algorithms that identify cases in historical data and infer a model to predict similar, future cases.

These algorithms enable operators’ identification of meaningful insights in data streams, ensuring that they are proactive in optimising the customer experience or in every aspect of the business, from product manufacturing to infrastructure and operations to sales and marketing.

Nexterday mediation makes this possible. In order to create data that can be used to empower this revolution, the information first has to be cleansed and processed.


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