FWD Benefits

The key benefits of the FWD solution are applicable in Finland and across the world:
Continuous Customer Engagement: FWD offers improved brand visibility, as end users are clicking through the operator-branded app up to several times a day. DNA benefits from relevant, compelling and novel service with continuous consumer engagements – up to multiple uses per day. Customer Insights: With FWD, operators will deeply understand how their customers are using their smart devices: which apps are important, which time of day customers use mobile internet and how much data they are consuming. Operators also gain similar learnings from the device perspective: what are the differences in data consumption between device models? Best Consumer Experience: FWD gives end users the power to choose the service based on their own needs. It empowers users through simplicity and an understandable format of time.


In addition, there is no data leakage (no auto updates if no active packet in place) and no risk of service drops due to unclear payas-you-go terms. That means consumers will be free from bill shock. Early feedback from users downloading the app on Google Play has been very positive, with customers endorsing both the
concept and its execution. The initial positive feedback is a testament to the maturity of the solution even at the very early stages of its evolution.

Maximum Data Revenues and Margins through Dynamic Pricing: FWD’s real-time management tools enable operators to create proactive and flexible offers for customers. You can price asymmetrically by peak and off-peak hours, making it attractive for users to use more data during off-peak hours and drive higher revenues during peak-hours. That makes the most revenue out of operator investments. In addition, real-time analytics empower operators to balance the load on their networks and improve utilisation rate, driving margins even higher.

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