The Next Phase of Policy Control

Comptel’s Monetizer can help operators reach and thrive in Nexterday by ensuring greater flexibility and improved speed-to-revenue. With Monetizer, policy is no longer a stand-alone function limited to bandwidth or network traffic congestion management – it is blended with charging into one modular product, Comptel Policy and Charging Control (Comptel PCC), and can be orchestrated with analytics like Comptel Social Links.

With predictive analytics and by applying machine-learning capabilities, digital and communications service providers can uncover patterns in their data that the human mind just can’t, and apply those to anticipate everything from customer behaviour to network and service quality or outages or to determine the best offer for each unique customer situation. And the learning never stops.

Policy, charging and analytics combined in this way enables digital and communications service providers to provide customers with a contextually relevant and personalised buying experience – dynamically. Operators need to remember this to accelerate their leap into Nexterday.

As we’ve discussed, Nexterday is all about speed: faster speed-to-configure and faster speed-to-offer will lead to faster speed-to-revenue. This is what Monetizer empowers to help operators come out on top today, tomorrow and the day after that.

Monetizer, based on the Comptel PCC product and Comptel EventLink technology, provides operators with a myriad of different service and monetisation options. Family accounts, a single-user shared account across multiple devices, tiered price plans, roaming packages, app-driven policies, OTT bundles, dynamic app throttling, loyalty and bonus plans, QoS and usage management are only a few.

Comptel PCC includes the Charging Policy Offer Designer (CPOD), which features unprecedented offer design power and speed. Customers can create offers from scratch or by using an already created offer as a template and modifying certain parameters. This lays the foundation of a modern product and a stellar user experience.

Rating, balance management and policy control are natively integrated in Comptel PCC via a common and modular architectural design, supporting an easy, fast creation and launch of versatile and complex offers. Testing, launch and reporting tools are also embedded in the software.

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