Comptel has launched a new disruptive Digital Sales Channel called FWD. The FWD by Comptel solution is a white-label, fully operator-branded SaaS solution to sell, market and monetise mobile data. With FWD, we’re focused on connecting the next 2 billion prepaid users to the Internet. FWD sells full internet access in small chunks, direct from the end user’s smartphone. It empowers simple, time-based contextual connections to consumers’ favourite mobile apps, through a payment menu that appears within the app itself – whether it’s Facebook, WhatsApp or anything else. FWD also offers a simple management console for operators
to create, price and target the data connections in minutes, and monitor their performance in real time. The solution is hosted in the cloud and integrates to the operator network through simple configuration, without the need for major network changes and providing maximum ROI on operator network investments.


FWD in Finland

Finland is a market dominated by postpaid users and unlimited data while boasting the highest data consumption per SIM in the world. Despite the fact that our focus with FWD is in prepaid-dominated emerging markets, we launched our first FWD solution in Finland. DNA is the first operator in the world to launch FWD. DNA is a Finnish telecommunications group providing high-quality voice, data and TV services for communication, entertainment and professional use. DNA is also the prepaid market leader in Finland. Why would anybody bother to launch a prepaid solution in a market like Finland? Even though Finland is heavily dominated by postpaid subscribers, there is still a meaningful population of prepaid customers. Additionally, from an operator’s perspective, offering the best possible consumer experience makes a difference in highly competitive markets. Therefore, DNA had compelling reasons to launch FWD in Finland on 2 December, 2015.

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Don't worry. It's stupid easy.

  • Harry Järn 2 years ago

    Hi Carlos, DNA just launched the DNA Prepaid for iPhones too. Now you can try it! Just make sure you have the DNA Super prepaid SIM.

  • Carlos Canto 2 years ago

    Hi again, now I got the answer. It works for Android but not Iphone yet. Looking forward to your solution!

  • Carlos Canto 2 years ago


    Based on the presentation and the explanation of FWDI tried to emulate the solution that was presented. I bought a prepaid plan from DNA expecting I would recieve the alternative of total control on my data but unfortunately this was not available. Customer service informed that the only way to avoid the background data usage caused by the phone is to enable/disable the mobile data transfer directly at the device.

    DNA has informed that control of data transfer (data connection turn off) by the operator (via the solution) is not possible for prepaid contracts but only for postpaid contracts. DNA informed that such data transfer should be done inside within the phone by enabling/disabiling the mobile data. If I understand correctly FWD is intended to prepaid and not postpaid contracts.

    Unfortunately I don’t see the solution working at DNA, could you explain? So far my balance has unwillingly gone down due to data consumption caused by background data transfer by the phone. Since I don’t have any data packages activated DNA charges me a high fee per bite on Data Transfer and has caused me a “bill shock”.

  • Harry Järn 2 years ago

    Hi Davis,

    if I understood you correctly, you refer to enabling & disabling mobile data from the device. Meaning that once you enable mobile data, you would use so called pay-as-you-go charging, i.e. you pay something per used Kb/Mb. The problem with pay-as-you-go is that it is really difficult, if not impossible, to know how much the usage costs as it is next to impossible to estimate how much data your device uses. End result of this is potentially a bill shock, or in case of a prepaid subscription, premature depletion of your prepaid account.

    FWD was created to eliminate exactly that risk of a bill shock. First of all, with FWD you don’t need to tweak anymore your phones mobile data settings: with FWD solution/app, the purchase is really simple, just two clicks & you get what you need. You will get a pop up offer on top of the app you try to use, from which you can choose the best option for your needs exactly at that point of time. No need to go to any separate app to subscribe or plan, no need to send confusing USSD codes to receive something later on. Or to play with device data settings.

    And you only pay for the time you want/need to use the data for. Once the data connection expires, you don’t need to worry about your phone consuming any unwanted data as the data connection is turned off by the solution. And you always know, in advance as you make the purchase, exactly how much you are going to pay for the connection. No nasty surprises.

    Ease of use, transparency & being in control. That’s what you get.


  • Davis M C 2 years ago

    Now, what I have observed is, from a prepaid mobile we can enable mobile data whenever you want and meet your needs and disable it once it is done. This may be an inefficient way. How is FWD superior to this type of solution?