Customers love what they can do with data, and they are quickly developing new habits to take full advantage of the communications and infotainment services available to them. Not only are customers consuming more data, they are using several devices – often at the same time – to access the content or applications they want. They also expect their services to be available whenever, wherever and on any device – even their car, house or watch might offer the connectivity they desire.

In nearly all markets across the globe, most customers are paying for their data per megabyte (MB). However, many might find it difficult to understand how the service fee relates to what they are consuming. While digital and communications service providers are seeing their revenues grow from mobile data uptake, this aforementioned uncertainty is hampering customers’ further adoption. To thrive in Nexterday, operators need to find additional methods for monetising mobile data usage.

What’s proving to be successful was once thought to be giving away competitive advantage – there is significant potential for digital and communications service providers that can cooperate and link their offerings with those of OTT players. This is because streaming services like Spotify and Netflix have come to represent a majority of network traffic. Tighter integration in the buying experience, as well as between policy control and charging technology, would help digital and communications service providers deliver unique value with OTT partnerships, differentiate from traditional and other emerging competition, and sell more data.

This is easier said than done though. Generation Cloud customers expect personalised, instantaneous offers – the need for contextual awareness only increases the complexity of policy and charging control. Yesterday’s tools don’t allow digital and communications service providers to be agile enough to deliver on this; every change required to customise offers takes too much time.

Digital and communications service providers must look to Nexterday, where policy and charging rules will natively blend into one product or solution, and the creation and launch of offers will be bolstered with analytics and closely orchestrated. Consequently, they will be able to provide customers with a personalised, dynamic and instant digital buying experience.


The players of yesterday can only survive in a static and impersonal world – one which Generation Cloud and digital natives have left behind. Those that transform by anticipating customers’ needs, maximising their interactions and perfecting the digital moments they crave will come out on top and be able to monetise more in less time.

Now’s the time for digital and communications service providers to ensure that their business has mastered the right equation for offer monetisation: Faster speed-to-configure + faster speed-to-launch = faster speed-to-revenue.

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