Speaking at Nexterday North 2015, Swedish economist and author Kjell Nordström suggested that we’re living in our own version of The Matrix, a tightly controlled environment begging for disruption. Telcos also live in the Matrix, because they are the massive organisations that once delivered innovation, but must now discover a way to re-capture their disruptive tendencies of the past. To do so, we must consider the state of our world, this Matrix we live in, as defined by three dimensions.

Watch Kjell’s full presentation from Nexterday North 2015 to hear his take. 

Kjell is a Swedish economist and author and has worked as a researcher and lecturer at the Institute of International Business at the Stockholm School of Economics. Kjell is also known for being one of the leading researchers on multinational enterprises and the global market. He has acted as an advisor and consultant to several multinational corporations.


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