Data – or rather digital moments – plays a fundamental role in every customer’s life. In this chapter, we covered a number of ways fast data can support more intelligent decision-making and action- taking, primarily to optimise the customer experience.

However, there is one thing standing in digital and communications service providers’ and global enterprises’ way of accomplishing this: “data wrangling,” or hand-sorting through mounds of data to collect what’s most relevant. This process can consume precious resources; data scientists can spend 50 to 80 percent of their time and talent just “wrangling” the data, readying it for action.

From social media networks to apps, location points to alarms and probes, wearables to cars, businesses first need a way to make all of these information sources and the structured and unstructured data flowing through them more accessible. More importantly, they need to be able to refine, analyse and act on that data in real time, to be able to satisfy the needs of Generation Cloud.

As customers’ digital behaviours get more sophisticated, so too must the systems that process all of their usage events. Comptel’s vision of Operation Nexterday will help deliver this sophistication.


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