Generation Cloud’s always-on behaviours and real-time demands are putting digital and communications service providers to the test. For companies to succeed in today’s market, where buying power has shifted to the customer, whether an individual or a business, they must get ahead of the curve and build technology today that can satisfy the needs of tomorrow: whenever, wherever and on any device – including connected cars and home appliances.

Digital and communications service providers like Telefónica are building a blueprint for this type of success. They are transforming their service portfolios to extend beyond traditional communications offers, and developing the infrastructure and M2M solutions that can empower intelligent connectivity for businesses to meet the aforementioned demands. With the IoT and M2M market forecast to grow from $128.7 billion in 2014 to $498.92 bil- lion in 2019, it’s prime time for digital and communications service providers to enter the game early and fulfil the gap in delivering and managing IoT connectivity.

Telefónica’s strategic focus on M2M has already shown that proof is in the pudding for operators that can diversify their businesses. Just in the last few years, Telefónica has earned landmark M2M wins, including a large-scale smart metering project with the UK government and a contract providing connectivity for Tesla’s Model S car in Europe. The communications service provider’s forward-looking partnerships show a long-haul commitment to innovation in the IoT. Clearly, Telefónica means to do business that aligns with the future desires of Generation Cloud consumers and prosumers, as well as powers its own growth.

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