Nexterday North 2017 is officially done and dusted, but not before an engaging third day focused entirely on the theme of digital transformation.

Day 3 involved presentations from some of telco’s foremost innovators and disruptors, followed by open discussions moderated by Analysys Mason principal analyst Justin Van Der Lande.

First, Accenture’s Vincenzo Procopio and Antonio Samele shared a case study about Open Fibre, a startup created with the aim of spreading fibre connectivity across Italy. Bringing fibre to more than 9.5 million households in just 6 years requires major collaboration between government and business, said the speakers, as well as deep technology expertise in the areas of service orchestration, catalogue and activation. Procopio and Samele said that the process revealed a number of lessons for Accenture, including the need for integration testing and network virtualisation.

DevOps was also a core topic of the day, with Elisa’s Tomi Korpela and Tommi Berg, as well as TCS’s Ravi Trivedi of TCS discussing the value of incorporating DevOps principles into telco operations to achieve agility and flexibility. Transparency is a key to success in DevOps initiatives, and Korpela and Trivedi advised telcos to use dashboards, demos and other visual tools to track progress, keep teams motivated and to engage senior leadership.

We also heard from Dario Di Bella from Salesforce, who talked about the changing nature of customer experience in telco. As he said, CSPs trail their digital peers considerably when it comes to rankings of customer satisfaction, and one way to catch up would be to ensure information from separate service channels – i.e. chat logs, phone calls, social media and more – are all consolidated and maximised for better service.

It’s not just about customer service either – he noted how, by capturing new customer information earlier in the buying process, such as when they’ve abandoned an online shopping cart, Virgin Media was able to drive its cart conversion rate higher by 40 percent.

Ulla Koivukoski and Antti Rantanen of Avanto Ventures rounded out Day 3 with a discussion of corporate venturing as a third option for business growth, beyond research and development and mergers and acquisition. As an example, Finland’s largest bank and insurance company, OP, played a role similar to a venture capital firm in the launch of its the electric car service, OP Kulku.

That’s only scratching the surface – Day 3 saw many great conversations between both the presentations and roundtable discussions. We’re grateful to everyone who made Nexterday North 2017 another major success, and if you were at the show, we hope you came away from it with the ideas and inspiration you need to make a difference in your business today.

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