Chris Messina

Developer Experience Lead at @Uber

Chris Messina is a designer, writer, avid Twitter, and speaker who’s known for inventing the hashtag.

He works with developers, product designers, entrepreneurs, and communities to bring to life projects that should exist but don’t. His superpower is pioneering initiatives before most people realize they’ll be important, for example: co-organizing the community that launched Firefox, creating Google Developers, opening the first coworking spaces on earth, and starting BarCamp (the unconference). He’s currently chasing down a trend he calls “conversational commerce” in the bot/messaging space.

Messina has worked at scales both large and small and tries to maintain a humble, shapeshifting, curious perspective. His experiences have taught him to question authority, while acknowledging the help he had getting to where he is today. He brings these lessons to his work, and sharpens his peers by challenging them to question their baseline assumptions.
Messina has lived in San Francisco for over a decade and currently leads developer experience at Uber.

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